2016 Summer Gathering Schedule

Redeemer Family,

We are excited to continue to work through Acts this summer at our Sunday gatherings. I wanted to get you the passages we are working through each week so that you can read ahead before you come to the gathering. We also have a few gatherings that will be different from our normal Sundays that we wanted to let you know about in advance. Other than July 3rd (we won’t have a gathering on this Sunday), all other Sundays will be at CD Fulkes at our normal start time of 10am. On July 3rd we are encouraging missional communities to be creative and spend that weekend resting and being present with neighbors. Jordan will share more on this as we get closer to it (and remind you not to show up that Sunday!).

We will also be communicating more info on our serve Sunday at CD next week. We are going to do some work outside in the front yard for CD Fulkes (pull weeds, mulch, trim bushes, etc.), collect supplies for some of the serving partnerships we have, and have prayer walking guides for people to prayer walk around the area. More info coming next week.


May 8th - Acts 4:32-4:37
May 15th - Acts 5:1-15
May 22nd - Extended time of Prayer & Worship at our Gathering
May 29th - Serve Sunday 10am @ CD Fulkes

June 5th - Acts 6:1-7
June 12th - Acts 6:8-7:60
June 19th - Acts 8:1-25
June 26th - Acts 8:26-40

July 3rd - No Gathering - Scattered Sunday
July 10th - Acts 9:1-31
July 17th - Acts 9:32-10:48
July 24th - Acts 11:1-30
July 31st - Acts 12

August 7th - Acts 13:1-3
August 14th - Acts 13:4-52
August 21st - Acts 14:1-20
August 28th - Acts 14:21-28