Scatter Sunday- July 3rd

On Sunday July 3rd we will not be gathering together for our usual Sunday gathering at CD Fulkes Middle School. Instead we will be "scattering" for smaller gatherings as missional communities. This is a great opportunity for your missional community to engage others on mission. This is not a Sunday off, although many will be out of town for the holiday weekend. Instead we want to give you the opportunity to take a Sunday with your MC and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. Here are a few ideas of how your MC can use Scattered Sunday.

• Get together with another missional community in your area and have a prayer breakfast
• Gather your MC for a neighborhood prayer walk and then hit the pool together
• Throw a “pre 4th of July party” with your MC and invite friends and neighbors over for food and fellowship
• Gather together with your MC to share breakfast, take communion, and dig into God’s word
• Go Serve together with your MC at the Round Rock Serving Center

Every year Redeemer takes a break from our regular Sunday gathering three times a year… Serve Sunday, Sabbath Sunday, and Scatter Sunday. This helps us give all of our volunteers a breather (especially on Sundays when lots of folks will be out of town) and gives us an opportunity to be reminded that Sunday gatherings are a great blessing… but they don’t define who we are as a church. Church isn’t a building or a gathering. The church is the people of God on the mission of God for the glory of God in all things. 

Let me know if I can be a resource to you as you plan how your MC will use Scatter Sunday.  Love you guys. I’m thankful to get to serve Jesus alongside this church family!