Gospel Foundations Begins October 1st

Gospel Foundations is a great next step for anyone at Redeemer who desires to grow as a disciple maker. Jesus Christ is our sure and steady foundation. Our life, our church, and our ministry is to be built on Him. This class is designed to found you in the story and message of Jesus. You will learn to see the redemptive thread through all of scripture, climaxing in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and culminating in the renewal of all things. You will be challenged to find where you fit in God’s story, and how the gospel informs your everyday life. 

Gospel Foundations will be six consecutive weeks beginning October 1st and ending November 5th, from 4:00-5:30pm. After signing up you will receive a free copy of The Drama of Scripture by Michael Goheen, which will be the primary book resource we will use during Gospel Foundations. 

October 1st | God Establishes His Kingdom (Act 1)

October 8th | Rebellion in the Kingdom (Act 2)

October 15th | The King Initiates Redemption (Act 3)

October 22nd | The Coming of the King (Acts 4)

October 29th | Spreading the News of the King (Acts 5)

November 5th | The Return of the King (Act 6)