Church Family,

Prepping for Sunday is a tool that Redeemer is using to prepare our hearts for the weekly gathering. We hope that through the scriptures, prayers & singing you will be shaped & formed further into who you are in Christ!

This is the last week in our 4 G’s Series titled: “God is gracious, so we don’t have to prove ourselves.”

Our call to worship this week is Psalm 99.

There are many ways we try to prove ourselves or wind up living in shame because we feel we can’t stack up. Moses believed he wasn’t good enough or couldn’t prove himself worthy when God called him to lead the people out of Egypt. Aaron allowed the voice of the people of Israel to loom larger in his life and gave into the pressure of pleasing them by melting down their gold & shaping it into a calf for the Israelites to worship. Samuel was a great prophet but his sons went astray and pursued dishonest gains. Yet even still, God was supremely gracious to them in the midst of their sins and shortcomings. How many of us are tempted to prove ourselves through our children, our abilities, making people like us or even living in the shame that we are never enough? The only way that any of us can be free from any of these options is to receive God’s grace & allow it to shape the most vulnerable places of our hearts. This is what frees us from living in shame or living in pride, His grace.

This week let's pray that God would:

  1. Reveal the areas in our life where we seek to prove our worth or value apart from Gods grace.
  2. Help us draw near to Him & receive grace in our time of need

This week we will be singing the following songs during our worship time. These songs were chosen specifically to help us respond to God’s grace and point us to God’s goodness.

God With Us
Grace & Peace
O Praise The Name
Christ Alone

You can also find the confession we have been using during our 4 G’s series HERE.

We also want to teach our kids about who God is. This week kids will be learning:

Nursery (birth-11 months): Our volunteers will pray for our babies' salvation, for protection from the evil one, and for loving attitudes in relationships as they grow.
Toddlers (12-23 months*): God Made Everything, focusing on the story of creation (Genesis 1)
Preschool 2s (2 years*): Only God is Big, focusing on the story of sin in the garden (Genesis 3)
Preschool 3-4s (3-4 years*): God Makes a Covenant with Abram (Genesis 15)
Lower Elementary (kinder-2nd grade*): God Makes a Covenant with Abram (Genesis 15)

*age/grade as of Sept 1st, 2016