Colossians Series

Redeemer Family,

On Sunday, March 5th we will begin a new series in the book of Colossians. Colossians is a letter written by Paul to the church at Colossea while he was in prison. Colossians helps us to consider the supremacy of Jesus and how our faith brings us into union with Christ. What is Union with Christ and how does it transform the way we live? This is one of the primary questions we will be considering throughout our study.

Through this study of Colossians we will seek to highlight all that Christ has poured out to us and in us and show a Spirituality that is not about “acquiring” more (as opposed to the worldly principles that promise us spiritual goods apart from Christ) but rather learning to receive and realize all the riches we have in Christ. We hope that through this series our church will have a fuller understanding of all they have in the Gospel, contemplate the mystery of what it means that we are in Christ and Christ in us, and understand how they live out of this loving union with Christ in the everyday relationships of life.

Here are a few ways you can begin to prepare for this series:

  1. Watch this intro to Colossians by the Bible Project. It will help you understand the background and overall flow of the book. - LINK
  2. Check out our prepping to worship guide each week before you come on Sundays. We will have the sermon texts in there for you to read before you come.
  3. Join us in our common practice during the season of Lent (begins March 1st) to reflect together and put away media distractions. We will have journals for you to participate in this at our gatherings that you can use to reflect. More info here
  4. Pray the prayer Paul gives us in Colossians 1:9-14 for your own heart and for our church family as we consider Christ together. Let's pray this throughout the series to be true in our lives.

Colossians - Sermon Schedule
Sunday, March 5th - Week 1 - The Gospel Grows Loving Churches (1:1-8)
Sunday, March 12th - Week 2 - Praying With Paul (1:9-14)
Sunday, March 19th - Week 3 - Christ Our Supreme Savior (1:15-23)
Sunday, March 26th - Week 4 - Christ in You (1:24-29)
Sunday, April 2nd - Week 5 - Deeply Rooted in Christ (2:1-10)
Sunday, April 9th - Week 6 - Baptized into Christ (2:11-15)
Sunday, April 16th - Easter Celebration - Break from Colossians Series
Sunday, April 23rd - Week 7 - Shadow vs Substance (2:16-23)
Sunday, April 30th - Scattered Sunday - No Sunday gathering
Sunday, May 7th - Week 8 - Setting Our Minds On Christ (3:1-4)
Sunday, May 14th - Week 9 - Putting on New Self, Putting off Old (3:5-15)
Sunday, May 21st - Week 10 - Marriage (3:18-19)
Sunday, May 28th - Week 11 - Parenting (3:20-21)
Sunday, June 4th - Week 12 - Work (3:22-25)
Sunday, June 11th - Week 13 - Prayer (4:1-4)
Sunday, June 18th - Week 14 - Evangelism (4:2-6)