Redeemer Family,

The season of Lent is quickly approaching and this year I want to encourage each person at our church to engage this season for the purpose of deepening our awareness of Christ. Lent is not about earning or somehow paying God back by abstaining from certain foods or drinks, but rather it is about laying aside distractions that hinder our awareness of Christ presence. When we fast it is not to show how religious we are but to put off certain things so that we might increase space to think upon and commune with Jesus.

This year I want to invite our church family into a common practice of reflecting on God’s work in our lives and putting away media distractions so that we might create space for this.

More important that what we are fasting from is what we are fasting for. Hopefully putting away these things for a season will create increased time and mental space to reflect upon Christ. One practice we want to encourage you towards is journalling. Spending time writing out what God is doing in your life and what you are learning from his word. We will have journals available for you to use to take notes on Sunday and to take with you throughout the week.

For those who want to join in on this I am encouraging us to put away one or more of the following during the season of Lent:

  1. A break from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  2. Minimize TV/Media consumption
  3. Put your phones up and be present from 5:00 - 9:00PM.

This is in essence what we are fasting from together.

When we get to the end of the Lenten season we would love to hear stories of how God used the extra space to grow your love for Christ and help you grow in awareness of his presence. I hope that throughout the year we will from time to time engage in these common practices together to grow our affections for Christ and bring us together as a church family.

More information on our upcoming Colossians series can be found HERE.

Grace and peace be with you during this season!