Five Year Celebration

On April 16th Redeemer will be celebrating five years of gathering as a church! This means that we will be celebrating five years of God’s grace & overwhelming faithfulness to us, His children.

If we were to spend a day or week just recounting all the ways God has been at work showing his resurrection power we wouldn’t be able to scratch the surface. From seeing people trust in Jesus for the first time & getting baptized, to people moving homes so they could press further into God's mission with a strategic missional community, to planting a church God has been at work bringing new life in our midst.

It is easy sometimes to only celebrate what seems significant & monumental in the moment. Although as a church that believes God wants to redeem every moment of every day, we also want to celebrate the things that may seem small & insignificant yet have ripple effects on a community of faith. So yes, let's celebrate the miracle of salvation, baptisms, the church plants & the new missional communities but let us also celebrate the everyday faithfulness of moms loving their children well day by day. Let's celebrate every anxiety relieved by the Spirit & every step of faith that is taken towards loving our neighbors. Let's celebrate every time someone is honest about their sins & struggles, and begins to trust that God’s grace is enough. If we are to be a church making disciples in the everyday stuff of life then we must celebrate God's grace in the everyday ordinary stuff.

In 1 Corinthians 15:17 Paul says, “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.” We know that Christ has been raised & we have seen the fruit of his resurrection over and over again. God has proven that our faith is not futile but instead that our faith is one anchored in truth & validated every day through the Holy Spirit!

So that said, we need your help. Help us celebrate and reflect on all God has done in the life of our church and submit a short video (even kids if they want to). Share with us how you have experienced new life in Christ and how He has been at work in your life through the Redeemer family. Below are a few guidelines to help you think through what you might share

  1. Reflect on How God has displayed His resurrection power to you over the last 5 years. This could be God restoring your marriage, changing your heart in a certain area, giving you faith to believe and trust him, rescuing you from destructive habits, or any other way you have seen God has brought about new life in our church family.

  2. Take a 20-30 second video of yourself to share with our church family. It doesn’t need to be perfect but simply you sharing how God’s resurrection power has been at work in your life as you have been a part of this church family.

  3. After shooting the video e-mail it to [email protected] by April 5th.