Colossians: Christ in You the Hope of Glory

Church Family,

This week we continue our “Union with Christ” series in Colossians & will be looking at Colossians 1:24-29 together. If you are curious to learn more about the book of Colossians and its purpose feel free to watch this video with an overview.

Our call to worship this week is Psalm 23. It reminds us that God is our guide, our helper & the one who leads us to rest. In preparation for Sunday would you slow down & take a few minutes to:

  1. Meditate on Psalm 23.
  2. Consider where you feel lost, lonely or exhausted.
  3. Go to God in honesty & confess to him what is true in your heart.
  4. Listen to the new song we are singing this week, “What a Beautiful Name” and let God remind you that He is for you, with you & knows what is best for you!

This week we will be singing the following songs during our worship time. These songs were chosen specifically to help us respond to God’s grace and point us to God’s goodness.

Good, Right & Perfect
O Praise the Name
What a Beautiful Name
Oh God

You can find our confession for the month of March HERE.

If you want more context on Colossians and its main themes check out this video: