Exciting Facility News!

Redeemer Family,

Over the past 6 weeks, we have been prayerfully exploring a potential facility purchase. Our Elders working with our finance team and deacons have been able to agree upon a contract purchase price. Then following that we had an inspection, meeting with the City, and secure financing. Over the past 3 weeks, the Lord has given us the green light in each of these areas paving the way for us to set a closing date on the new facility on May 3rd. So sometime in the next 3-6 months, we will be moving into our new permanent gathering space located off of AW Grimes, just north of 79!

Here is a little bit of what we have been working through over the past month. After securing a contract price on the purchase we had three remaining hurdles to jump before it was smooth sailing to closing on the deal. First, we needed to have the building inspected to make sure there were not major issues with it and to give us a good idea of what work we would need to prepare for. Last week we had the inspection and it went better than we expected. There were many little things needing to be repaired, but nothing that would be a deal breaker or major construction expense. From this inspection, we have a really good idea of what we need to get repaired and are confident we can do this well within our budget. Secondly, we wanted to meet with the city to gather more info about the property and make sure we could use the connected residential part of it in the future. This meeting also went better than expected as we learned that a church can use residentially zoned properties without needing to rezone. We also got some valuable info from the Fire Marshall and engineers that will help us when we do some of the improvements needed to the parking lot and future parking lot expansion. Third, we needed to secure financing for the part of the purchase that will not be funded by our donors and savings. Just last Friday we received word that the bank has approved our funding and we should be on track to close on the property on May 3rd.

Overall this is very exciting news! We still have to officially close on the property but all of the major checkpoints and roadblocks have been checked off. We don’t have an exact timeline yet on when we might be able to move in but we are projecting (Lord willing) that it will be some time from July to August. Don’t hold us to that but we think it's a reasonable estimate.

Would you please pray for smooth sailing through closing and for wisdom as we plan work days, construction, and improvements over the coming weeks?

Lastly, our Elders want to thank our Finance Team, Deacons, and Partners who have given much time to pray, discern, give feedback, and input into this decision. It has been awesome to see how the Lord has used the different gifts and talents in our church to help make this happen. I am really excited to see how this new facility continues to help us move forward in the mission God has given us here in Round Rock.

More updates on timeline and move in process as they develop.

In Christ,

Redeemer Elders