Easter 2018 | 4 Important Details


Jesus walking out of Joseph’s tomb victorious over sin, death, and Satan is the most important moment in all of human history. I can't wait to celebrate this with you Redeemer! Easter also marks our anniversary as a church each year. We launched Redeemer publicly on Easter of 2012, and every year since then we’ve celebrated with baptisms on Easter as a reminder that Jesus is alive and he continues to work through us and sustain us as a church. This year will be no different.

This Easter is especially meaningful because this is our first Easter since moving into our building. And with that in mind, I want to share four important details that I hope will help us have a great Easter gathering this Sunday. 

  1. Invite someone this week. Sami and I are about to embark on a kitchen remodel (pray for me!). Last week we had a guy come by our house to give us a quote on installing some new countertops. I started talking with him, found out he had recently moved to the area, so I invited him and his family to come to Redeemer. His response was, “Wow thanks! My wife and I were just talking a few days ago about trying to find a church to go to on Easter”. My take away— there are people in all of our lives that are open/looking to reengaged the church on Easter. Who can you invite to join you at Redeemer? Will you invite them?
  2. Show up early, sit up front. We expect our space to be pretty full on Sunday. Easter has historically been one of our highest attended gatherings of the year. One way you can help us make space for everyone is to show up early and sit in the front. Let’s do our best not to waste any space. If you can sit in the front and move into the middle of the rows that would be a HUGE help. That will help keep the aisle seats and back rows open for those who might be coming in late. 
  3. If it works for your family, help us make space in Redeemer Kids. Higher attended Sundays means that space also gets tight in the Redeemer Kids classes. To make sure that our kids are well cared for and well taught our classes max out when they reach a certain number of kids. If you have a child that you could bring into the gathering with you this week to help make space for guests, that would be a big help. Faye is putting together a children’s worship guide for any kids who will be joining us in the gathering this week. They will be available, along with clipboards and colors, right inside the entrance of the gathering space. 
  4. Parking. As you know, our parking lot is small and it can easily fill up on an ordinary Sunday morning. So, there are a couple of things that we can do to help save space in our parking lot primarily for guests and families with small children. 1) If you drive a truck or an SUV will you please consider parking in the grass lot at the back of the parking lot. 2) If you don’t mind a short walk you can park along the street on Timberline where the Redeemer House/Office is located. If we can get 10-12 cars parked in the grass and another 10-12 parked along Timberline that would help alleviate a lot of our parking lot pressure. 

Ok, that is it. If you have any questions let us know. I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!