Summer MC Rest and Reset

Redeemer Family,

Last summer we encouraged each Missional Community (MC) to take a break from formal meeting nights during June and July. This proved to be a needed time of rest for our groups (especially leaders and host homes). This year we are encouraging our MCs to take a break from formal meeting nights again (although certainly their can be continued shared life and DNA groups). You can check in with your MC leader to see how this will change your MC rhythms.

This season of MC rest will run from June through July and the focus of this time will be rest and reset. We will have two church-wide training events (see more on these below) during the summer that will provide opportunities for people to connect and grow. We hope they also help us with the “reset” aspect of our summer MC break. Here is some info on each of these:

Marriage Workshop - The Posture of Marriage
June 23

First up, on Saturday, June 23rd (8:45AM-12:45PM) we will be hosting a Marriage Workshop led by Rich and Barbie Hart. There will be a lite breakfast and box lunch provided for all who register. Childcare will be available, but we have limited space open so make sure to register early if you need it. We will send out another reminder once registration is live. The cost will be $25 per couple and $5 per child for childcare. Scholarships are available as needed (email [email protected]). Also, if you register before June 9th, the registration cost is only $15 per couple. REGISTER HERE

Missional Community Workshop
July 28

As we close our time of MC summer rest we want to offer a weekend of MC equipping to help strengthen our MCs as they start back up in August. On Saturday, July 28th (8:45-11:45AM) we will have a MC Workshop with one session focused on helping with DNA groups, and another focused on helping MCs consider how God has uniquely called them to serve and love others. We will post registration for this later in the summer on Realm.

Missional communities will resume their regular meeting schedules after Sunday, August 5th. If you have any questions, you can email [email protected]. We are praying for the summer to be a refreshing time for all those in our MCs and a renewed focus when we start back in August!