7in7 Part 2(Stories)


7in7 is now just over a week away & I can’t wait to create together & see what God teaches us all through this process. If this is the first time you are hearing of 7in7 you can find out moreinfo in our first blog post HERE. You can also look through all of lasts years 7in7 posts HERE. This week instead of sharing with you the what & why of 7in7 I wanted to share with you some stories from those who participated in 7in7 last year. I hope this will inspire you to step in and create knowing that God will meet you there and teach you so much about himself in the process.

“I REALLY enjoyed 7in7 for a lot of reasons. I made one dessert to give away each day. I loved the discipline it forced me to have, the planning, the giving aspect, and just being in the kitchen more! God also showed me a surprising amount of things throughout the week and I'll admit I was unsure that He would reveal Himself to me while throwing ingredients into a bowl. But when I look back, it obviously wasn’t because God was choosing to speak to me because it's a special, sacred 7in7 week, it's because I was asking Him to. I was waiting and listening and seeking. He's always there, He's always ready.” - Kelsey Easley

"7in7 helped me rediscover my love for painting. For almost 15 years I didn’t paint at all simply because I felt I wasn’t good enough. 7in7 gave me a safe place to explore my creativity and discover that the Lord gifts us in so many different ways”. - Meghan Gatewood

“I went into 7in7 thinking it would be a good discipline to take pictures and write every day for a week. But it turned into SO much more than that. It honestly changed how I view the world around me. It forced me to look for the beauty, to see how the world around me really does declare the glory of the Lord. It opened my eyes to the truth that God speaks and moves in so many beautiful and amazing ways- when I am open to receiving what he is showing. It lifted my head out of the mundane, day to day grind in which I get stuck and helped me practice looking for his beauty in the everyday ordinary moments.” - Brooke Daniel

“7 in 7 showed me I could create something every day and that art doesn’t have to be perfect to be shared. It was a daily practice in vulnerability to share with our community what I had written that day and I felt confident to do so because everyone else was sharing too.” - Whitney Krussee

“Last year's 7-in-7 was very impactful for me. As a self-diagnosed perfectionist, finishing things is hard because they never feel good enough. You get "paralyzed by perfection". Forcing myself to complete 7 things in 7 days was an incredibly rewarding challenge. Two of the songs were co-writes, which reminded me of how good it is to create in community. I loved to see all the different things created by our church family during 7-in-7 and the encouragement we all gave each other to step out and use our gifts and put our creativity out there. It takes vulnerability to do that, which I think is the point!” - Chris Mallonee