Redeemer is a Gospel-centered missional family learning and living the way of Jesus in the suburbs of Austin. This is the identity, by God’s grace, we hope to live into. Learning and living the way of Jesus together leads us to swim against the stream of our culture for the sake of our culture. We are called by God to live a Kingdom way of life, to embody a Kingdom culture. This means first learning the way of Jesus, and then putting that way into practice as we live. As we begin participating in the Kingdom of God we will find ourselves in conflict with the Kingdom of man. Not in everything, but no doubt each culture has areas that the Kingdom of God opposes.

In our seven culture statements, we have highlighted what we believe are seven important ways that living in a kingdom culture brings us into conflict with our unique suburban culture. All of us have been heavily shaped by the values of our culture, in fact, we often don’t realize we are naturally participating in a certain system because it is like the air we breath. We might even adopt Christian concepts and language but our beliefs are still heavily shaped by our culture. Our hope each week in this series is to expose a bit of the cultural water we are swimming in, show from the scriptures how the Kingdom of God is different, and then invite you to follow Jesus into a new way of living. We are praying that the Holy Spirit would use this to remind us who we are (a Gospel-centered Missional Family) and help us grow in living out the way of Jesus here in the suburbs of Austin. Following each sermon, we will give you a reflection guide to work out what you are learning with your Missional Community/DNA and have a simple practice that helps us begin to live into each value.

August 5 - A people of PRAYER in a culture of distraction.
Psalm 63, John 14:18-25
Practice - Put away one distraction (iPhone, Entertainment, CNN, Talk radio, etc.) this week in hopes that you would grow in awareness of God’s presence and power.

August 12 - A people of GRATITUDE in a culture of complaint.
Col. 3:16-17, 1 Thess. 5:18
Practice - Make a list this week of 50 people or things you are thankful for. When a person comes to mind, reach out to them and share why you are thankful for them.

August 19 - A people of PATIENCE in a culture of hurry.
James 5:7-11, 2 Peter 3:8-9 A. Practice - Pick one pleasure or comfort you were planning on buying or enjoying this week and put it off for a week or more.

August 26 - A people of PRESENCE in a culture of disconnection.
1 Peter 4:8-11, James 1:19 Practice - Spend at three nights this week (1-2hours) with your friends, family, spouse, or kids where phones, games, and work is banned (anything that would divert your focus from being together). Play, talk, dine, etc. where you focus on quality time and conversation together.

Sept. 2 - A people of COMPASSION in a culture of condemnation.
Colossians 3:12, 4:2-6 Practice - Think of a person or group you have found yourself judgmental and angry with. Spend a few hours attempting to better understand their perspective and story. Setup a meeting with the person to get to know them better or read something helping explain their perspective.

Sept. 9 - A people of CREATIVITY in a culture of consumption.
Gen 1-2, Rom. 12 Practice - Identify one talent God has given you and consider how you can bless a neighbor or coworker with that talent this week. Don’t be afraid to step out in faith and see where the conversation goes. Share with them why you are doing it and what motivates you to bless others.

Sept. 16 - A people of GENEROSITY in a culture of excess.
1 Tim. 6:17-18 Practice - Identify one expense you can cut from your budget this month or something you can sell. Use that extra money to give to someone or some organization who is in need or will pass it along to someone in need.