Reflection Guide: A People of Creativity


Main Idea: This week we considered what it might look like to be a people of creativity in a culture of consumption. You can listen to the podcast here.

Read through the following passages: Genesis 2:4–14, Genesis 1:26–31, Ephesians 3:8–10

Discuss the questions below with your MC or DNA group.

  1. What can we learn about God through these passages in Genesis? What role does God play in creation? What role are humans given?
  2. God gives human beings the task of creating (with the materials God had placed in the creation) for life and beauty. Why are both of these important?
  3. What are some poor motivations for working to create for life and beauty? How do these lead to distorting God’s original purposes? Examples from society? Your life?
  4. How has God gifted you to create? How might your gifts contribute to the churches task of reflecting the creativity of God (creating life and beauty that displays the glory of God)?
  5. As you have considered theses scriptures and listened to the sermon, is there anything you sense the Spirit leading you to confess and turn from? Stop to confess together, encourage one another, and pray for God’s help.