Foster Village

Hi Redeemer Family -

Foster Village has been BUSY ever since we began operating out of Redeemer in January of this year. Rarely has a week gone by where we haven’t fulfilled at least 2 requests! What a joy it has been to serve these foster families! Here are a few events and service opportunities we have coming up in October and November that I want to bring to your attention.

Throughout the month of October – we will have running Socktober! We are heading into a time of high demand for socks, underwear, and warm pajamas. We will also be taking monetary donations to directly serve our community with these needs. Donation drop-off can be located in the foyer of Redeemer starting October 1.

Two more dates to put on your calendar – October 20 and November 10.

  • October 20th we will be switching out our entire inventory of clothing from summer to fall/winter and could use lots of extra hands! We will be up there all day so please feel free to come and go as your time allows.
  • November 10th we will be cleaning out the garage at the office/house next door. Along with putting up some shelving to better organize and store our beds and mattresses. Please bring some tools and brooms and let’s knock it out!

We do also have a Christmas project in the works as well - stay tuned for details!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how to get involved with Foster Village – please feel free to email me!

Sarah Musgrove
[email protected]