Reflection Guide: Rethinking Leadership - Lessons From a Spiritual Father

Main Idea - Leadership is such an important part of healthy Gospel-centered churches but many of us have experienced hurtful leadership. Gospel leadership is a new way of understanding leadership. Gospel leaders suffer so that others may flourish, are motivated by the approval and will of God, and lead through a shared life. Listen to the sermon audio here.

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Read through the following passages: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Discuss the questions below with your MC or DNA group.

  1. How has the use of power in leadership been a source of pain for you in the past? How might this affect your present view of authority or leadership?
  2. What are some poor motivations for leading or influencing others? How can you relate to this in your unique areas of leadership.
  3. Gospel leadership flows from a shared life which creates the context for connection, instruction, and correction. Consider this statement in light of 1 Thess. 2:7-8. In what ways have you experienced this kind of leadership in your life? What ways do you long to experience this more? How might you apply this to the people God has put in your life to lead?
  4. Why is it important that instruction and correction happen within the context of shared life? What happens when you have shared life but there is no instruction or correction?
  5. How might God be at work to help you rethink leadership? What implications would that have for your life and your MC/DNA life together?