The Call to Follow Jesus- Luke 5:1-11

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Sermon Summary: In this sermon, we look at Jesus’ calling of his first disciples. We considered the incredible event of Jesus showing Peter he is Lord of all creation. We looked at the connection between authority and discipleship. To follow Jesus, to be his disciple, is to give him authority over all aspects of your life.

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Memory Verse: But when Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, "Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord."(Luke 5:8 ESV)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read through Luke 5:1-11. We recommend using the questions from the DNA Meeting Guide to help guide your study and discussion of this text.
  2. Get to the Heart - In what ways do you relate to Peter? Why do you think Peter was hesitant to take Jesus fishing? Are there things in your life that you are hesitant to let Jesus speak into? Why do you think Peter was willing to go back out and fish with Jesus, even though he was hesitant?
  3. Live the Way of Jesus - How did seeing the power and authority of Jesus change Peter? What did it change in him? Do you trust Jesus’ power and authority in your life? Are their things in your life that you need to “leave behind on the shore” in order to follow Jesus?