Loving Our Enemies - Luke 6:27-38

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Sermon Summary: In this passage Jesus is teaching us about loving others. The main idea in the text is that the way of Jesus is the way of loving your enemy. Loving our enemies includes doing good, speaking blessing, and praying for them. Only this kind of divine love that can transform us and others. We see a vivid portrayal of this in Acts 7 which tells of the stoning of Stephen. Stephen while being stoned to death by his religious enemies prays for their forgiveness. Among Stephen’s enemies was a man named Saul who later encountered the grace of Jesus (Stephen’s prayer was answered).

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Memory Verse: “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.” Luke 6:27–28

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read through Luke 6:27-38. We recommend using the questions from the DNA Meeting Guide to help guide your study of this text. The guide also gives your DNA group a simple structure to work through the passage and discuss together.
  2. Getting to the Heart - What is your response to Jesus instruction to love your enemies? What objections to this do you find coming up in your own heart?
  3. Living the Way of Jesus - Loving others (even our enemies) includes an attitude and action towards others of doing good, blessing (not cursing), and praying for them. What would it look like to put this into practice toward those who fit the category of enemy in your life (think about who you sense the most conflict with or anger towards)?

Kids Worship Questions:

  1. Has there ever been a time when a sibling or kid at school said or did something mean to you? How did that make you feel? What did you do in response?
  2. Read Luke 6:27-38. What sticks out to you in this passage? What questions do you have?
  3. What might it look like for you to “love your enemies” at school or in your neighborhood? You might want to talk with your parents or pastor to get wisdom to apply this to whatever situation you are facing.
  4. Who are 2-3 people in your life who you find yourself in conflict with? Spend time each day this week praying for them and asking God to give them the same grace he has given you.