April 2019 Partner Update

Redeemer Family,

This month instead of a partners meeting we are continuing to do a brief video update along with this post. I hope that this helps keep you updated on where we are as a church and where we are heading over the next few months. Also, please feel free to email me any questions or areas you would like me to address. 

Before I jump into the update, I just wanted to remind you what partnership means at Redeemer. First, what brings us together is our faith in the Gospel. We have professed faith in the Gospel, and as a sign of our faith, we have been baptized. Second, we are committed to regularly gathering and being active participants. We use our gifts to serve one another at our Sunday gatherings and in our MC gatherings. Third, we each are committed to growing as disciples of Jesus as we learn and live the way of Jesus together. Finally, we all give our time, talent, and treasure to support the ministry of our church.

A few evidences of grace to from the past few months:

Discipleship Foundations 2.0 - This past February we kicked off a rebooted version of our Discipleship Foundations course. We had 35 people go through the 10-week course with their DNA groups. We were able to capture most of the content by video and for those who are interested in checking it out you can visit the Foundations resource page here - LINK.

Women’s Retreat - In March we had over 40 women participate in our annual women’s retreat. From all accounts, it was a spiritually refreshing time and went well. We had several women from Redeemer lead the sessions and use their teaching gifts to serve the other women. Men, we made it through that Sunday gathering without most of our women as well!

Gospel of Luke - From January to April we preached through the Gospel of Luke and many people worked through the Gospel of Luke in their DNA groups. There was a noticeable increase in people regularly and meaningfully engaged in God’s word. Hopefully, our DNA guides are helping you study the scriptures together. I want to continue to encourage you to get plugged into a DNA group that digs into the scriptures together. 

*Our next series will pull from multiple New Testament letters as we consider the various aspects of living and learning the way of Jesus. I want to encourage DNA groups to pick one New Testament letter and work through it together over the next ten weeks.

Baptisms - This Easter we baptized eight people! Cole Cummings, Emily Reeves, Kendra Williford, Taylor Cohen, Henry Macias, Wes Sucher, Katie House, and Garrett House. What a joy to celebrate resurrection life with these newly baptized brothers and sisters in Christ!

New Partners - Since the beginning of 2019 we have added 12 new covenant partners.

2019 Q1 Giving - Click to see 2019 Q1 Giving Info


Looking forward to May/June/July

Upcoming May/June/July 2019 Gathering Schedule

  • April 28th - June 30th - 10am Sunday Gathering (The Way of Jesus Sermon Series)

  • July 7th - Church Planting Sunday - 10am Sunday Gathering

  • July 14th - August 25th - 10am Sunday Gathering (Genesis Sermon Series)

Saturday Workshops

MC Rest - During the months of June and July we encourage our Missional Communities to take a break from formal meetings. DNA groups and sharing life together can continue but during the summer it's a good time to rest from the larger group meetings. Groups will kick back off in August.