The Way of Jesus - Series Overview


During the first four months of the year, we spent time digging into the Gospel of Luke together as a church. As we preached through Luke on Sundays and studied Luke together in our DNA groups, we got an up-close look at who Jesus is and all that he accomplished for us in the Gospel. The Gospel culminates in the death and resurrection of Jesus which brings us forgiveness and new resurrection life. Part of the new life we receive by faith in Jesus is learning how the Gospel motivates and shapes every part of our life. The Gospel of Jesus is the motivation and pattern for us to live in the way of Jesus.

Not only did Jesus show us in his life and teaching his way, but after he resurrected from the dead he opened his disciple’s eyes to see how all the scriptures testify to Him. We read in Acts 1:3 that the resurrected Jesus “presented himself alive to them after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God.” Jesus himself spent time after he raised from the dead teaching His way to the Apostles.

A quick survey of the New Testament (especially the epistles) reveals that the way of Jesus was passed on by his Apostles and ultimately recorded for us in the scriptures. As we consider the letters written by James, John, Peter, and Paul we see consistent teaching about living the way of Jesus. Ultimately this is living a life that is consistent with the Gospel, a life powered and shaped by the Gospel of Jesus. Throughout the New Testament letters, we see that the Apostles wrote to churches to address key issues of their life as they related to the Gospel of Grace. The authoritative way of how we should live flows from Jesus to his Apostles to his church and we see this coming through in the New Testament letters.

During this sermon series, we will look at a variety of New Testament passages that show us what it looks like to live in the way of Jesus in the various relationships and situations we find ourselves in. We will look at what the scriptures say about the way of Jesus in regard to our identity, marriage or singleness, our sexuality, our words to one another, our view of the church and leadership, our rhythms of work and rest, and how we share the Gospel with others. With each topic, we will look to the scriptures as our authority on what it looks like to live the way of Jesus in each area and how the Gospel is our motivation for this. With each topic, we will also consider how the way of Jesus is better than the ways of the world around us. We will consider how the way of Jesus is better because it is truth (coming from Jesus and the Apostles authority), it leads to a better experience of life, and finally, because it works. Our prayer is that we would humbly receive this way of Jesus and allow the Spirit to re-shape our life as we trust in God’s word together.

Sermon Schedule
Sunday, April 28th - The Way of Jesus
Sunday, May 5th - Identity
Sunday, May 12th - Marriage
Sunday, May 19th - Sexuality
Sunday, May 26th - Speech & Words
Sunday, June 2nd - Life Together as the Church
Sunday, June 9th - Church Leadership
Sunday, June 16th - Work
Sunday, June 23rd - Sabbath Rest
Sunday, June 30th - Evangelism